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Well, I'm back from honeymoon and very busy (not long before my next interstate and overseas trips), but I'll try and write up some of the highlights. Trouble is that it was such a long trip and we did so much. I'll add to this journal progressively as I get free time.

We visited:

I will be posting some photos and videos up after they're all sorted and edited. Unfortunately we lost most of the photos as they were on 于蓝's camera, which had its flash memory die on us (and only found out after we got back).



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A Field Guide to Surreal Botany

I was recently asked by a facebook friend who is a publisher of fine books, if I'd review one called A Field Guide to Surreal Botany. Since I had no other info than the title, I wasn't sure what to expect, and my curiosity was sufficiently piqued to ask to review it (with the side effect that I am now having to do some work reviewing it instead of just admiring it :)

I think the web site will give you a sufficient idea of the art, as for the entries, I'll give you a quote from one of my favourite entries, the "Forget-me-bastard" (like the "forget-me-not", only different):
Male and female plant types have been observed, however aggression seems predominately against male humans---observer theorizes that this occurs as a result of the female side in any arguement (sic) being "right" by default, while the male side of an argument is invariably "wrong," and therefore worthy of attack.
[joke]Now that I'm married, I can attest to that.[/joke] (I am really happy with Yulan, and we get on well together, which is why I married her, and I'm only occasionally wrong ;)

The art is gorgeous, and most of the entries are imaginative / clever / humourous in a clever way. A few do feel a little bit forced and don't quite make it, but overall I love the book.
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First wedding photos

Here are the very first photos from the wedding, taken by my Dad. For comparison I've included wedding photos of my parents and maternal grandparents. I've also scanned in the wedding certificate & stuck that up.

I have it on very good authority that other photos will be ready fairly soon (the ones from the professional photographer might have to wait a little while as she's off to HK for a short trip soon).

I'm a very, very lucky man to have 于蓝 as my wife. Very happy too :)

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一个人的圣经 / 佛性

Now you are without "isms". A person without "isms" is more like a person. An insect or plant is without "isms". You, too, have a life and will no longer be manipulated by any "isms", and you prefer to be an onlooker living on the fringes of society. Unavoidably, there will be perspectives, views and tendencies, but, finally, no particular "isms". This is the difference between the you of the present and the he that you are investigating.